Accident and Injury Recovery

Accidental Injury

They say, “Accidents Happen” and sometimes with the accident comes an injury.  When you are injured, you want every possible tool to help restore you to good health – without worrying about the cost.  If your injury is life-threatening, you need the resources and expertise of the Emergency Department of a major medical center.  The skill of the doctors, nurses, and technicians at a trauma center far exceed any help you can get in a private office.  Take advantage of that, heal, recover.

Once you are released from care at the hospital, or if your injuries are not so severe as to require a trauma unit, you still need the best care you can get, and that starts with a caring, compassionate team of medical professionals.  At Copper Valley Medical and the integrative medical team at Apex Medical, we provide Naturopathic and Chiropractic treatments which also includes Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, and Massage.

With Naturopathic Medicine, we can provide options for both natural and conventional acute pain management.  Chiropractic Medicine and Physical Therapy help direct the healing of muscles, bones, joints.

We are pleased to be able to defer payment for many types of injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents and accidents at work for a time.  Generally, we are able to file a medical lien and await payment from an insurance settlement – and we do not rush you to a quick settlement.  If you need the services of an attorney, we can provide a list of reputable lawyers available to help you.

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