Lab Testing

Lab Testing

Specialized Lab Testing

Through arrangements with carefully vetted laboratory partners, we offer specialized testing, including Sonora Quest Laboratories, LabCorp, and others.  For our patients who do not have, or choose not to use insurance, we have an arrangement with Ulta Labs for deeply discounted lab fees. 

In-Office Testing

For your convenience, we are able to complete some common tests in our office, such as: Urinalysis, Pregnancy, and Fecal Occult Blood.

Other specimens can be collected in-office, then sent to a licensed and certified lab for testing.  As a component of our Women’s Health program, we are able to collect specimens for PAP and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) during your exam.

Hormone Testing

  • ​Hormones are chemical signaling agents in the body
  • Deficiencies or excesses can have debilitating effects, such as:
    • ​Low Testosterone – loss of libido and energy
    • High Estradiol – increased risk of breast cancer
    • High Cortisol – your stress hormone; responsible for weight gain

Food Allergy Testing

  • ​This is a comprehensive analysis of the foods to which you may have developed an allergy.
  • People who benefit most from this testing experience nausea and bloating after eating certain foods.
  • Commonly, these people have frequent diarrhea that is fatty and foul-smelling.

Nutrient Analysis

  • People may become deficient in specific nutrients due to chronic illness, severe dieting, or other conditions.
  • Deficiency of some nutrients can be debilitating:
    • ​Iron deficiency causes anemia
    • Folate deficiency causes birth defects
    • B12 deficiency causes fatigue
    • Vitamin D deficiency causes or has been linked to:
      • ​Chronic or repetitive infectious diseases;
      • ​Multiple Sclerosis

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

  • An analysis of fecal matter will help to determine if a person is not digesting certain food stuffs. It will also help to determine if someone has picked up an intestinal parasite.